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Paterno Group

Differentiated and differentiating business models

Founded by the brothers Domiziano, Sergio and Franco, the Paterno Group is made up of companies and business models of varying nature.

Each company is set up and developed in the Trentino, so as to create a complex of related economic and social activities where the family took its first steps. Once firmly established, the model is ready to go beyond local confines and be implemented in a national and international context, thanks also to the new generation represented by Mirco Paterno.

The fulcrum of the Group is represented by Eurobrico, CasaTua and XLAM DOLOMITI, companies at the service of the “home environment”: from the eco-sustainable building products of XLAM DOLOMITI, to the Italian furniture of CasaTua, to the DIY of Eurobrico.

All the enterprises belonging to the holding company:


Do-it-Yourself as a key to success

The Group leader is Eurobrico S.p.A., a DIY company established in 1993, present in the national territory with 30 stores and a founding member of the Bricolife Consortium.

Casa Tua

Italian taste at the right price

CasaTua is the Group’s youngest brand. It specialises in the sale of home furnishings and offers planning, consulting and delivery services, with pick-up of used furniture.

XLAM Dolomiti

Innovation as the key to sustainable development

Established in 2010, it is the Group company which more than everyone else foresaw the need to propose a solution other than bricks to the building industry.

Funivie Lagorai

100 days for restyling the local area

Funivie Lagorai is a true example of community development and collaboration with local tourist organisations. Where others encountered problems, the Paterno family, proud of their origins, perceived a potential for the development of tourism and attractions.

Funivie Lagorai

100 giorni per il restyling di un territorio

Le Funivie Lagorai sono un vero esempio di valorizzazione del territorio e di collaborazione con gli enti locali turistici. Là dove altri hanno incontrato problemi, la famiglia Paterno, fiera delle sue origini, intravede un potenziale di sviluppo turistico e attrattivo.


L’innovazione come chiave di uno sviluppo sostenibile

Nata nel 2010, è la società del Gruppo che ha anticipato più di tutte la necessità di proporre al settore edile una soluzione diversa dal mattone.


When the land becomes an inspiration

6 types of apples grown in an area of 30 hectares on the slopes of the Lagorai mountain range. Melagorai is a line of 100% natural apple juices with no added ingredients.

Group Companies


Group Companies

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